Design Toolkits

CUX Design Toolkit

A subset of the Conversational UX (CUX) Design Toolkit

Conversational AI

4 x canvas, 21 x cards

You could say that bots (text-only, hybrid or voice-only) are literally the voice of your brand. Therefore, it is crucial that the different elements of your organization’s brand identity are integrated in your conversational user experience. Think about the bot’s avatar, name and tone of voice. However, as these terms are sometimes perceived as ‘fuzzy’, this design toolkit can hopefully provide more structure to the design process and can enable people to design their own bots, virtual agents, digital assistants etc.

The toolkit consists of multiple canvases and decks of cards. You can use this toolkit as an individual exercise or as a group exercise, for example when facilitating a design workshop.

Please note that this is a subset of the toolkit and that the complete toolkit (more canvases and more cards) can be provided as a service by my UX team within Microsoft.

Brand Extension toolkit for Corporate Startups

Overview of design toolkit, 4 canvases and 21 cards

As a corporate startup, deciding to brand your product with the corporate brand or with a new brand

4 x canvas, 21 x card

Unlike regular startups, corporate startups can decide to brand their product or service with the established brand of the corporate they are part of. They can benefit from branding their product with the corporate brand as it creates trust. However, the corporate brand can also have a negative effect on the corporate startup’s new product success.

But how can you determine what’s the best decision for your corporate startup in regards to new product success?

In order for brand extensions to become a success, there needs to be a fit between the parent brand and the extension product. This perceived fit is known as the brand image fit.

This design toolkit can support you in determining whether there is a brand image fit. Download the use guide and toolkit by clicking on the button below. Please make sure to download it on a laptop as it’s a ZIP file.